Karaoke is Thursday night at 9pm (after the progressive dinner) at Montanya Distillers (212 Elk Avenue).

We've done karaoke before with great success. Holding it at Montanya's is new, and this will be the first time with our own karaoke machine so there will be a learning curve involved (how does the machine work, and how do we get songs for it, etc.).

Montanya's will have wireless internet for us, for karaoke apps and youtube.

Sign up below and ask for your song. If you want to do more than one song, create a separate name-song entry for each additional song. We'll reorder the list so you aren't doing one right after the other.

For ideas, you can look at my sample karaoke list.

(I think we can get everyone's selections but again, this is an experiment and no one knows how it works yet)

  1. Bruce Eckel: I'm A Believer (The Monkees)
  2. Bruce Eckel: Face in the Crowd (Tom Petty)