• Altitude: We're at 9000 Feet which means:
  1. The altitude can affect you. This is primarily dehydration, which sneaks up on you. Drink extra water peremptorily, and if you even feel the beginnings of a headache, take a couple of Ibuprofen (Advil), which has been shown to help. If it gets worse, James' wife is a doctor so we can set you up.
  2. Wear sunscreen — don't imagine you're going to "get a tan." You won't, you'll just get (painfully) burnt.
  3. Be careful with alcohol, which dehydrates you and can aggravate altitude problems. Make sure you aren't having issues with altitude before you try alcohol.
  • Ground rule for holding space: Don't say anything about anyone that diminishes them. (We've never had an issue with this but might as well put it in place). Ask yourself "Does it enhance?"
  • Use the tagboard to know what’s happening now. Usually: groups going to eat, outdoor activities, workshops, etc. Can set up direct phone messaging system as well if tagboard doesn’t work well enough.
  • Evening Potluck BBQs — my house usually has something going on and you're welcome to join.
  • For workshops, consider adding yourself to http://www.watchpeoplecode.com/ (Or something similar) and announcing on Twitter etc. for our non-present friends to participate.
  • Swag: Stickers, coffee coupons to The Guild, Bintray hats from before, other things people have brought. I'm also giving away a bunch of books (1st edition of Atomic Scala, various editions of Thinking in Java, numerous other books) which I'll sign if you want. Just take them! In addition I'm going to be eventually getting rid of a couple of standing desk tools — one you can have now, one you can have later for the cost of shipping. Come look at them and see if you want them.
  • Sign up for lightning talks. (I will be giving one on "Trust Organizations").
  • How Open Spaces works. Your discussion session will happen the way it wants/needs to, and will be over when it's over. If it isn't working for you, use the law of two feet.
  • "You will be heard." Unlike "sage at the stage," Open Spaces is all about discussions. Sometimes I talk too much. Feel free to raise your hand and say "Does anyone else have ideas around this?"
  • The conference has spontaneously become much of a "Teal organization": self-management, wholeness, evolutionary purpose
  • Evolutionary purpose: I feel like it wants to get bigger. Need help marketing/promoting (ideas and/or actions). Think about these during the week and bring them up in the closing session or to me privately if you prefer.
  • We’ll do a brief "wholeness exercise" from cafe gratitude and then start filling the board.